A Pre Wedding visit to Gloucesters Cathedral with Sophie & James

Recently we visited Gloucester Cathedral with Sophie and James whose wedding is upcoming. Having never photographed at Gloucester Cathedral before we were keen to explore the backdrops but more importantly the lighting within the Cathedral itself. On the day we learnt a great deal and will tackle the wedding with a renewed confidence and having cemented a great raport with Sophie and James. This image was a test shot with a specially bought extra wide angle lens so that the whole of the cathedral and tower can be included in the photograph. We were also able to discuss timings and logistics so that guests are aware of the itinerary for the day and are not left bored, twiddling their fingers!

We cannot wait to photograph Sophie and James’s wedding at Gloucester Cathedral!

Gloucester Cathedral wedding photography

This image is a test photograph of Sophie and James prior to their wedding at Gloucester Cathedral

Wedding photography at Gloucester Cathedral by Cheltenham wedding photographers Jane and Oli from Cotswold Weddings

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